Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Photosnap - White

Check out the mysterious eyes. Does it look like the night safari eyes' logo? 

Idea from baby shots. They look so lovely under the blanket / towel ...

My Classic Dog

Another creation of mine!. I bought this hat sometime ago thinking i could let meekia wear it during my ROM day. And well, i finally put it on for him today... it took me much effort to place the hat alone up on his head. Yet to say i gotta command him to 'stay', distracting him with food and managing with my camera the same time... I really wish I have more hands at that point of time (sweats...) and the red bow further adds a sense of class to meekia. Isn't he gorgeous? My camera settings: high speed shutter with natural day light. 

Monday, August 11, 2008

Brushing up on photo-taking

Today i was inspired and motivated after i read my casio exilim camera's product manual. I come to know how to capture good pictures using the continuos shutter mode setting. I chosen meekia, a challenging model. My objective for a start as 'beginner', is to be able to take down natural pictures that reflect his unique personality. My chosen picture of the day is:


Thursday, June 05, 2008

Do you pick up your dog's poo?

To be honest, I am not a disciplined owner all the times...haahaah... especially so because Meekia loves to do his 'big business' on privacy spots like beneath the bushes or trees. I find it difficult for me to locate the camoflauged poo and that unlikely anyone would be stepping onto it...so, i choose to leave them to mother nature.

The saying "What goes around, comes around" (so true...haahaa). One morning while rushing to work, i stepped onto another-irresponsible-dog-owner's-dog's-poo. It must has been a large dog, i guessed. It produced large pile of soft yellowish stools at the middle of the grassy pathway.

Well, it serves as a good reminder for me to Be a Good Dog Qwner.

I am then motivated to learn to make these little square paper box which can be used to collect meekia's poo. Also, can be used to throw those chicken or fish bones during meal time. Isn't that wonderful? It is easy to make and can be stack together neatly, 'opening up' whenever want to use it. :D

Thursday, October 25, 2007

"It's me or the dog" (?)

"Parachuted into homes where the pet is running riot and the family is in the dog house, dog training expert Victoria Stilwell arrives to restore order. Through observation, interviews and secret filming with a 'pet cam', Victoria assembles her evidence and diagnoses the problem. A clear practical training programme ensues, offering pet and owner the chance to change the bad habits of a lifetime. It's Me Or The Dog is the definitive guide for pet owners offering them transformational and hands-on advice that puts pets in their place and owners back at the head of the household." (@Arts Central)

This is a fantastic and useful program especially for dog lovers or owners out there. This show begin since 3 oct (i missed so much...) and i actually knew it through a sms from my classmate. hahaha.....

Well, at least i watched once :P This 30min Victoria's dog training reminded me, "Do not ever beat your dog" and triggered me to review again the areas which i should improve on disciplining for Meekia.

It is understandable how frustated the family members can get when their dog sits at the sofa(and get aggressive when forced to get down), stealing food from table and family while they eat and pulling on leash when walking and being unfriendly to visitors(even bite!).

When the messages does not get across to the dog > the dog would continues all the unacceptable behavior > the family got more frustated and helpless and they may naturally turned to use physical punishment (negative reinforcement) which will only reinforce the behavior to happen again.

I like the way that Victoria actually demonstrated by applying it to the owner (the owner take the role as dog). She'll command "you CAN sit on the sofa", then the owner get near to sit, she commanded "you CANNOT sit on sofa" and repeated. This is to indicate the inconsistency with us(owner) in disciplining which made the dog CONFUSED over what are the cans and cannots.

Once, she stood up and shouted loudly at the owners halfway through a conversation which left them shocked. This is how a dog feel when owner do this to them and something to note here is that, an excessive use of shouting/beating may turn the dog into an aggressive one, due to the accumulation of fear within them.

Getting used to having visitor around and welcoming them: each visitor must ensure NO eye-contact given to the dog and to "drops" a snack at different interval. Gradually, the dog will learned that having visitor around is a pleasure.

I set myself 2 goals:
1. To train Meekia stops sitting on sofa or bed
2. Letting Meekia know it is a pleasure to have visitors

Sunday, July 29, 2007

Frog Story

Meekia met his first frog as we were at outside the MRT. It was dimly lighted up area. The frog was on the concrete and I did not saw him. When the Meekia sniffed him, the frog jumped. Meekia just ran over, scooped him up in his mouth. It all happened too fast. I was shocked and find it very disgusting...

Upon home, Meekia vomited 3x consecutively. JK spontaneously searched info online. I am so glad he was around with me. Meekia was rather incoorperative when we performed the first mouth rinsing for him. I am relieved he does not develop any further symptoms/complications after that.

Here i would like to share this piece of info with other dog owner:

Signs of Toxicity

Due to the slow and awkward movement of the toad, dogs readily will attack them. When attacked, the toads release the toxins and dogs become affected. Common signs of intoxication include foaming from the mouth, drooling, pawing at the mouth, vomiting, stumbling, falling, tremors, rigid legs, and seizures.


If your dog is exhibiting signs of toxicity, is conscious, and not seizuring then:

Rinse the mouth with running water: place a garden hose or faucet along the side of the mouth and run the water.
Rinse the mouth for 3 to 5 minutes at a time for a total of 3 times.

Do not force water down your pet’s mouth or try to make your pet swallow.
Do not give any oil, milk, or other substance besides water.